Monday's Verse of the Day Devotional

Good morning! When you love God, you love the things of God too. It's a package deal. You cannot love God but hate people. You cannot love God but hate righteousness. To truly love God means to love Him, His attributes, His character, His nature, His law, His judgments and His truth.

You have to choose to walk in the way of truth. You have to decide you will live for God. He made a decision to send His Son to pay the penalty for your sins and committed to that choice. Are you committed to following Him regardless of what happens in this life?

When you lay His judgments before you and see we all fall short of His glory, it is a sobering thought to know He chose mercy instead of judgment. We deserve death, He gave us life. Live for Him with this weighty thought on your hearts. Commit to His truth and you will always make a great day!

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