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Ordained Bishop.
International Evangelist.
Musician. Author.

Bret Sanor Ministries is an International Ministry with a Global vision and mission. It is first and foremost a preaching ministry focused on proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the world.


Bret has been preaching the Gospel for over 20 years and has a strong passion to reach the lost, restore the backslider, bind up the broken, see people filled with the Holy Spirit, and deliver those who otherwise seem hopeless.

Bret Sanor Ministries: Where the Hopeless Meet the Miraculous.

If you have wondered what Bret Sanor Ministries has been up to, I would like to share some exciting updates with you. Ministry goals are important to fulfilling the mission and vision of God for the ministry...

There is an events calendar to see when all upcoming events will be with all the details about each one. You can also import them into your calendar on your device for easy access.


A portion of the music and book proceeds goes towards funding our mission trips across the world. A Win-Win for all!

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