Monday's Verse of the Day Devotional

Good morning! This is a familiar passage often referenced when there seems to be an insurmountable obstacle in our lives. When we feel helpless in any situation, we can be reminded of this verse. It's easy to look down in defeat and can grow weary from the fight of this journey, but muster up some strength to lift your head.

Look up! Look above those mountains that stand before you and remind yourself that your help comes from the Lord! He made the heavens and the earth so He can rearrange them for you when you put your faith in Him. There's no obstacle too big to block His sight of you and nothing too powerful to overtake His love for you!

He loves you and is able to help you no matter what you face. Refocus on the Lord and your problems won't seem so big. He is there ready to help when we put our focus and trust in Him. Trust and focus on Him today as you make a great day!

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