Destroying Fear

Fear is a powerful thing when you allow it to consume your thoughts. It gets into the heart to change your beliefs. Give fear one thought and it will take over your entire mind. Once it is in control of your thoughts it takes control of your heart causing it to race with anxiety and panic.

Physical Effects of Fear

This destroys your health making you susceptible to sickness, disease, and long-term health issues. It can cause you to lose sleep and change your eating habits. Many people today are riddled with health problems and on several medications to combat symptoms. The problem is you cannot fix spiritual problems with physical solutions.

There is a virus going around and everyone is in a panic about it spreading. The news would have you to believe it is a plague. I was at the grocery store this past weekend and the shelves were completely bare in the disinfectant section. Why? Fear! You can tell the news report that people believe by the actions they take.

Which News Report Will You Believe?

We have a choice of what news report we will believe. At the time of this post, there is widespread coverage of the Corona Virus (COVID 19) causing world-wide panic. It is being portrayed as some kind of "Black Plague" or something, but it's not nearly as dangerous or life-threatening as the media is reporting. Yes, we should exercise caution and common sense, but we need not participate in panic, fear, and worry. We have a better report as believers!

Isaiah 53:1 Who has believed our report? And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?

What report do you believe? This passage starts the prophetic description of Jesus Christ and what He would do for us. Not only did He die on a cross but He took a beating being whipped with a weapon designed to tear open your back in stripes. Why? To heal us.

Isaiah 53:5 But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.

There are 39 root causes for disease in the world. Jesus took 39 lashes to heal you of every one of those root causes of disease. There is nothing in this world the stripes of Jesus Christ cannot heal. So, why doesn't everyone get healed? Many reasons. A lack of pure faith unpolluted by doubt, a lack of repentance for the sins or behavior that caused the sickness, and fear are just a few reasons. Believing the right report while putting it into practice will position you to receive what Christ has purchased for you to have.

Where To Take Refuge

Many people have gone into hiding and some governments in some countries have made it mandatory to stay in your dwelling to prevent the possibility of spreading the virus. Even in America, many organizations are taking extreme measures in fear of the virus becoming wide-spread. Professional sports have banned the public from attending games. But what do we do as believers in Christ?

Let's look at a leader in the Bible. Moses was a person who struggled with fear. So much so he developed a stutter, had bouts of rage, and would run from his problems instead of dealing with them. Yet God chose him to be a great leader for Israel. God even chose him to have power to manipulate nature. He called down plagues of insects and frogs, turn a wooded staff into a snake, turn the water in Egypt into blood, fire and hail to fall from the sky... yet Moses was still afraid at times. His fear would cause him to lose control of his temper. It would eventually cost him entering into the promised land. What has fear cost you in your life?

Moses wrote Psalm 91. You should read it today. Then apply its principles to your life. Then, by the blood of Jesus and abiding in the presence of God, you can have immunity from the things of this world, have complete peace, walk in divine health, be hidden from the effects of the attacks of the devil, and live a life without fear.

Jesus is the door we must go through to have access to God and the gift of eternal life. Remember in Exodus during what is now known as Passover, the blood was applied to the doorpost and the plague would pass over any house where the blood was applied. Is the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ applied to the doorpost of your heart? To you and your home? Apply it today and live in the immunity of your Savior, Jesus Christ!

I will share more about Psalm 91 in upcoming posts. I also will be having exclusive content for subscribers to this site that will not be available anywhere else. Subscribe today but going HERE if you would like to have access to exclusive content and devotions. Thank you for reading this post and I pray you apply it to your life to destroy fear.

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