Brand New Book Release

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Hello everyone. I hope you are well and doing fine through this extended pandemic going on. I have put some of my time to good use by completing my second book. It is for guitar players or someone thinking about getting into playing guitar. I have played guitar over 25 years now and have gained a lot of knowledge and expertise over that time. I have put some of that in this book to help beginners and intermediate level players tackle the daunting task of buying a guitar. There are literally thousands of choices of guitars available today and finding the right guitar for you can be overwhelming. I help you know what to look for in finding the best quality guitar you can on the budget you can afford while finding what you need for how you plan to use the instrument. I wish I had someone help me with this when I first started and even after a few years into it. This Kindle e-book and paperback are available now on Amazon. You can find it here and get started in finding the right guitar for your needs.

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