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Monday's Verse of the Day Devotional

Good morning! What you have affection for is what you worship and is the treasure of your heart. So often the things we long for, invest in and spend our time on are things that will rot, break, wear out or can be stolen.

Did you know heaven is the house of God where no one has even broken into and stole anything? Do you know nothing rots there? Did you know nothing wears out there? It's where we will spend all of eternity.

Yet we seem to invest so much effort, time and money into the things that are temporal and we wonder why we our society is so empty. A lack of peace and contentment is from a dissatisfaction deep inside of us. Only Jesus can truly satisfy the deep longing we have. Lay your treasure up in Him and His kingdom and allow your heart and mind to be filled with hope as you make a great day!

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