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Wednesday's Verse of the Day Devotional

Good morning! God's will is never summed up in one verse, but in His whole word, rightly divided. Sometimes this can be overwhelming, so I tend to focus on certain things for a month and work on something else the next month.

This aspect of His will is service as demonstration of a repentant heart and a changed life. It becomes a strong witness for the power of God to change a person through Jesus Christ. We are freed from our sin so we live free from it.

Walking away from all the things the world is chasing is a great way to show the world it's possible to live differently. We are willing servants of God and serve others as a way to show our gratitude for His love, grace and mercy in our lives. The next time someone harasses you about your faith, find a way to serve them and demonstrate the love God showed you. Find a way to serve every day and you will always find a way to make a great day!

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