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Wednesday's Verse of the Day Devotional

Good morning! I get lost in thought sometimes about why God did things the way He did and still does. I don't understand His ways at times and I search His word and pray in conversation with Him trying to grasp all the "why's" behind how He does things. Do you ever do that?

It is a mystery and probably will remain so because our finite minds cannot fathom the depth of His infinite being. We have to learn to trust His ways and know He is perfect in all of His ways. Sometimes I have to let my mind rest in knowing He loves me, He sent His Son to cleanse me of my sin and has granted me eternal life and let that be enough.

When I do that, His peace rules my heart and mind and settles the matter in me. Ultimately, His love for us is enough and reason enough to trust whatever He does however He does it because I know it is all out of His love and perfect wisdom. It is for our good and our benefit even if we don't see it at the time. Trust Him and His ways even when you don't understand it and let it be enough for you as you make a great day!

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