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Tuesday's Verse of the Day Devotional

Good morning! If I'm honest with you, I find it very hard not to complain about something in my day. It's very easy to find fault with something or someone. It really puts a damper on a good day, a good mood and good morale among others to complain.

It can be contagious and start disputes which causes contentions and quarrels. All because something didn't go as we thought it should. There is plenty to complain about, but it does no good to engage in it. Do not complain, but find solutions to problems and shut down others who complain.

Remember, we are to be light in a dark world and should show the difference Christ makes in our lives. Our conduct should be different than the world. So be gentle and don't engage in complaining or arguing. Shut down that type of speech and stay clear of it. Nothing shuts up a complainer more than a joyful attitude filled with gratitude. Put this into practice as you make a great day!

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