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Tuesday's Verse of the Day Devotional

Good morning! Holiness is something that is often misunderstood. It has been turned into legalism in times past with a bunch of man-made regulations, rules and rituals. Some seek to be holy and miss holiness as a whole.

In modern times, we've seemingly gone the extreme in the opposite direction where anything goes and there is no emphasis on holiness. Being holy means to be whole and set apart for special use. It is used interchangeably with sanctification in the Bible. It is a requirement of God.

It is a constant pursuit of Jesus and to exude His likeness in all that you do. How you dress, how you act and how you speak should all demonstrate a relationship with Christ and be done with great care. It doesn't mean you look like you belong in the 1800's, but it means everything you do should not draw people to your flesh but to point them to Christ. Seek to live a life pleasing to God and abstain from things that you wouldn't do or say in heaven. Set yourself apart for God's special use as you make a great day!

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