Tuesday's Verse of the Day Devotional

Good morning! I hear a lot of people say they cannot memorize Scripture no matter how hard they try. I tell them to share something they can remember like an old phone number, line from a movie or some other thing. They have no problem telling me that.

Why is it so different with Scripture? I have found it is a lack of value and repetition. If you don't value deeply the word of God, you won't memorize it no matter what method you use. Also, if you just look at it once and expect it to stick, it will not work either.

We learn by repetition and engaging in what we want to memorize. You have to be in the word and study it daily, not just once in a while or Sunday at church. Jesus has to matter to you and His word has to be something you want in your life.

Ask Him to write it on the tablets of your heart and not just implant it in your memory. Write it, say it, read it, listen to it, get an app on your phone and do whatever it takes to help you learn it. From the word comes life and keeping His precepts are important. Practice putting His word in your heart and mind as you make a great day!

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