Tuesday's Verse of the Day Devotional

Good morning! Jesus asked His disciples a question about His identity. Not because He wasn't sure and needed them to validate who He was or give Him an identity. He was looking for agreement with what He already knew about Himself.

He was teaching them the importance of identity and understanding it comes from our heavenly Father, the One who created us. He was also teaching them that if they were to follow Him, they needed to agree with Him that He is indeed the Son of God.

God revealed this to Peter about Jesus. Has He revealed it to you? Do you know Jesus is the Son of God? Until you fully agree with the sovereignty of Jesus, you can never truly be His disciple. The narrative of heaven must be the declaration of your heart.

Once you know Jesus to be who the Father says He is, you can know who you are. You cannot truly know who you are until you know God who created you. When you know both of those identities, there is nothing that can stop you from living out your purpose as a child of God. Agree with heaven today as you make a great day!

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