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Tuesday's Verse of the Day Devotional

Good morning! Oftentimes we ask God to take things from us that He has given us the responsibility to rid ourselves of. We have to be willing to lay aside the filth of this world and the wickedness of our flesh.

We have responsibility in our relationship with righteousness. We cannot receive the purity of God until we are ready to rid ourselves of the pollution of this world. We have to be ready for our minds to be transformed.

We have to change our desire for what is good and just. We have to be willing to surrender our appetites for things that destroy our bodies. We have to give up watching things that defile our eyes and lie to our ears. We have to guard our hearts before the ways of this world creep in and destroy everything moral and good Jesus has put in us.

Are you willing? Are you in the posture to receive the purity of the word? Let us lay aside everything that hinders our walk with Christ and destroys our witness for Him to receive the good things of heaven. Prepare to meet Jesus because He is coming soon! Make a great day!

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