Thursday's Verse of the Day Devotional

Good morning! It is easy to say you are unashamed of the Gospel when no one is persecuting you or it is a popular trend. But what about when there is a demand put on your commitment to Christ? Would you be willing to die for your faith?

Tough questions, I know, but there may come a time when that is the reality, even in America. Jesus was willing to stand up for you to have the right to be saved. Are you willing to stand up for Him when the world is darkened with evil?

The Gospel is the power unto salvation for every race and nationality. All means all. All who call upon the name of the Lord, repent of their sins and follow Jesus, even if it means physical death, will be saved and given eternal life.

You have to make a choice. You have to decide if you are willing to lose your physical life in order to inherit eternal life. It's not an easy choice, but I know eternity is a lot longer than the years you have on earth. Choose wisely where you will spend it! Be bold for Christ as you make a great day!

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