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Sunday's Verse of the Day Devotional

Good morning! Yesterday was about our motives. It fits with today's verses because when we ask God for something with the right motives, we can be confident He will answer us. When we seek Him with all our heart and with pure intentions, He will be found with us.

Someone with good intentions knocks a certain way, while those without good intentions knock in a different way. Someone who seeks to do you harm has a different knock than someone you know. They don't get the door opened unless they can be trusted.

God wants to trust us with what He has to give. When we knock with a pure heart, He opens the door of understanding and wisdom. When He hears a selfish knock, He keeps the door shut and doesn't cast His pearls before swine. Let your heart be pure and motives to know God through our Lord Jesus Christ and He will give you the keys to making every day a great one!

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