Sunday's Verse of the Day Devotional

Good morning! How true this verse is that people always look at the outward appearance for qualifications for a position, but God looks at the important thing; the heart. Some people have a Rolls Royce body but inside is a lawn mower engine.

Often people are overlooked for things simply because they look unassuming or like they could never fill the role. How often we miss who God has sent to fulfill a purpose because we look at the outer and not the inner.

We find just because someone looks right, they can be all wrong because of their heart. Are you living in such a way as to be chosen by men or chosen by God? Be a person God chooses every time because of your heart.

You may be overlooked by people, but you'll never be overlooked by God no matter how you look when your heart is right. Live in such a way as to be God's pick and no matter who overlooks you, you'll still be able to make a great day!

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