Sunday's Verse of the Day Devotional

Good morning! Those who have finished their race of faith are now the great cloud of witnesses. We see many of them listed in chapter eleven. They are those who are in the grandstands cheering you on to remain faithful and finish your race of faith strong.

Don't give up or give in! You are going to make it if you don't quit. Lay aside everything that distracts and delays you. Get rid of the heavy baggage of sin that holds you back from running your best.

Posture is important to racers to be able to run their fastest, longest and keep their lungs full of air. Keep your head up and don't slouch. Run in uprightness and to the cadence of heaven. Keep yourself full of the breath of heaven, the Holy Spirit and run with endurance in strength from on high. Let us run well our race of faith as we make a great day!

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