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Sunday's Verse of the Day Devotional

Good morning! God created everything through the sound of His voice. The heavens and the earth were created by Him speaking it into existence. He is in control and everything is still hanging on His word.

He created mankind by first pronouncing He would do it. "Let us make man in Our image" and then He did it out of the dust of the ground. We are uniquely, fearfully and wonderfully made. It is important for our words to line up with His words.

What God speaks over you is eternal and it doesn't change because of circumstances or your actions. If you would study what He says about you in the Bible and speak that over yourself in agreement with God, your life would completely change. When you know a holy God has forgiven you through the blood of His Son, Jesus and declared you "not guilty" by His grace, you will not settle for living like a clearance rack item.

When you know you are loved by God, you will act like you know the price that was paid for you. God thinks of you as royal sons and daughters. Agree with His word, know He is in control and let the great things He has done carry you through life so you can make a great day every day!

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