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Sunday's Verse of the day Devotional

Good morning! I don't know about you, but taxes are something I would rather not have to pay especially in this day of inflation and higher costs of living, but it is an inevitable part of our lives. We must honor it rather we feel it is just or not or face penalties or jail.

Now, we have a greater responsibility than paying taxes and that is to pray for our governing authorities. Pray they lead justly and diligently. Pay they are wise leaders who surround themselves with godly counsel and do what it is right.

We must be diligent to pray that we get people in office who will be honest, just and do their best to not burden citizens and create a culture of economic equality and not cater to the rich and enable the poor to stay poor while destroying those in the middle. Be diligent in prayer, do your research on issues and candidates and show up to hold them accountable. Pray for those governing authorities as the Bible instructs us to and do your part to make it a great day!

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