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Saturday's Verse of the Day Devotional

Good morning! I cannot tell you how many times I have heard, "I love God, but I hate the church." It always bothers me, but I get it to a point. Church hurt is a real thing, but when you really love Jesus, bad people do not change your love for Him or the body He died for.

No one was ever more hurt by the church than Jesus, yet He still loves the church and the people who crucified Him. Therefore, if we love Him, we must also love others; even those who hurt and misuse us. Is it easy? Far from it!

It was hard for Jesus to forgive those who mocked, beat and crucified Him; yet He still did it. If this is a struggle for you, ask Him for help. There is no greater source than Christ Himself to help you love the unlovable and those who hurt you or just get on your nerves. He knows the struggle and will fill you with His love to sustain you. Let His love fill you and equip you to love those who are hard to love because at times, you are that hard to love person too. Love like Jesus as you make a great day!

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