Saturday's Verse of the Day Devotional

Good morning! Fear is mentioned a lot in the Bible. It is a natural reaction to danger and judgment. Death is a form of judgment because of sin so many fear death for many reasons. God gives us assurance, even in death when the only thing we fear is Him.

He tells us very clearly to fear not. Why? He is with those who love Him. Do not be worrisome, for He is your God. Nothing can conquer Him or even challenge His power and authority. He is the final authority on all matters.

Fear can sap your strength in a hurry, but God will strengthen you and help you in troublesome times. He will keep you upright and standing firm when you feel faint and weak. He sets His mighty right hand over you so you can withstand any trial. Trust Him when you feel fearful and let Him calm your anxieties with His peace as you make a great day!

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