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Friday's Verse of the Day Devotional

Good morning! Christ has purchased the ransom for our lives to make us right with God with His own life's blood. Beyond that, He also made us members of His household and given us a rank in the kingdom. God's kingdom is a governmental structure.

In that structure, we are ambassadors for His kingdom. An ambassador represents the government that sent them to express the desires and requests of that government. We are to impose the kingdom of God in this earth by dispelling the darkness and decree the plea of God for the lost to accept the ransom for their lives.

How compelling is your walk with Christ? Is it letting God plead through you for others to know Him? Are you imploring people to be reconciled to God? We have been given this ministry of reconciliation so let us minister with urgency and with authority as an ambassador for the kingdom of God. Let your life speak the cry of God to the hearts of the lost to be saved. Heaven is backing you so be fearless as your minister and make a great day!

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