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Friday's Verse of the Day Devotional

Good morning! There are times I would like to get away and hide from everything. Maybe you can relate. Life can be extremely demanding, tiresome and stressful. You have to create moments of clarity by allowing space for God.

You cannot live a life of perpetual vacation avoiding all responsibility and stress, but you can find refuge in the Lord and His word. You have to learn to hide in the Lord and receive hope from His word.

God has a place Jesus called the secret place that He told us to go to in prayer. Prayer and the word are the two irreplaceable things in your life as a believer. It's something the world doesn't access, but we can and should often.

When you learn to hid yourself in God, the attacks of this world cannot get to you. You find safety and security, rest and peace in the secret place of God. His word keeps hope alive when you feel like giving up and drained. Take refuge in the Lord through prayer and His word as you make a great day!

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