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Friday's Verse of the Day Devotional

Good morning! I've heard it said that delayed obedience is just disobedience. What is your response when God gives you a command? Do you immediately do what He says or do you find an excuse to delay?

Many times I hear people try to spiritualize their disobedience by saying, "Well, I will have to pray about that." As if God is going to change His mind from what He just commanded you to do. When you love God and fall in love with His word, you will do His commandments without delay.

challenge you today to look at your response to God's commands. Is your initial reaction to do it right away or to find a way to delay doing the good you know you ought to do? The next time you get a nudge from God to share Him with someone, will you talk yourself out of it or will you trust Him to give you the words to share when you speak? Make haste to do what He says and you will make a great day!

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