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Friday's Verse of the Day Devotional

Good morning! It's important to understand who you are. So many people are making all kinds of claims about their identity based on their feelings. How you feel changes, sometimes moment by moment.

It's important to have something bigger than yourself that is stable to point your to your true identity. God gives us clear definitions of who we are in His eyes. As a people, we are a chosen generation, a holy nation, His own special people.

As individuals, He says we are uniquely created in His image on purpose for His purpose. We have to let the word of God transform us in our minds to prove and live out the perfect will of God. Without knowing who we are, we will never do that or find fulfillment. In order to know who we are, we must first know who He is. When we do, we discover the meaning of our lives and have everything we need to make a great day!

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