Coming soon!

Many of you already know Facebook has been censoring information but has really started targeting Christian content. This is on purpose and completely against the first amendment rights of Americans but even other nations are being censored. My daily verses and devotionals from my Facebook ministry page have been targeted for past month or two very noticeably especially as of late. Therefore, I am going to start posting the devotionals here on my website instead to avoid the ability to be censored by big tech and media platforms. I will start this within a week as soon as I get all the things in place to send them out to all subscribers.

Thank you for your prayers, support and patience as this transition takes place. I will also be posting exclusive content that will not be shared on social media or any other platform. There are things the Lord has impressed upon me to share. I will be doing so as He leads and it will be some deep, in-depth revelation about the times we live in, what is happening and why. Jesus is coming soon, so get ready for Him. More on this soon...

~Bret Sanor

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