2020 Updates

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

There's a lot going on in 2020. Things started busy and haven't slowed down. Bret has been preaching and sharing the prophetic word for 2020. There are plans for more crusades in Africa to spread the Gospel in remote areas not yet reached with the word of God.More details soon.


2020 has a lot of significant meaning. The number 20 means "redemption" and 2020 is a double 20 meaning double redemption. There are many things that confirm and connect in Scripture to this. God sets appointed times and seasons for things. Concerning Jesus, the Bible says that when the fullness of time came, God sent His Son to redeem us from our sins and the law. (Gal. 4:4-7) Hebrews 1 says God spoke in past times in various ways through His prophets to reveal His law, plan, and purpose for His people in various circumstances.


God is sensitive about timing, though He Himself is not bound by time. So we must position ourselves to receive what He is giving at the time He is giving it. If we're not positioned to receive, we will miss the opportunity and the blessings that come with it.


Isaiah 61:1-7 speaks about Jesus, our Redeemer and what the people who have received His redemption will do in response. Verses 1-3 speak about Jesus and the anointing He would carry. After this in verse 4 it says those who have received this redemption will do some things. Then from verses 5-7 it shows what they will receive for their labor in the appointed time. Verse 7 finishes with 4 ways God will double His people who are positioned and obedient to His outpouring. They will receive double honor, double portion, double territory, and double joy that is everlasting.


Are you positioned to receive? Are you obedient to what He is telling you to do? Listen to the Lord, do what He says, and position yourself to receive double this year! More updates coming soon.

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